Yen So Park

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Scope: Master planning and envisioning

Size: 150 hectares

Program: Hotels, convention center, corporate campus, commercial and mixed-use residential and extensive public park system with natural preserve areas.

Description: Located within the urban core of Hanoi, this project covers over 150 hectares of land surrounding a series of existing lakes. Envisioned to be the new business center and gathering place of Hanoi, this project features a 34 acre commercial core area which includes a centrally located convention center and hotel as its iconic focal point supported by symmetrically designed commercial, multi-use and park developments. The plan includes the addition of the largest and most significant public park system in Hanoi which is designed around the project’s existing lakes with direct links to the commercial core and residential areas. The park system includes a botanical garden, arboretum, heritage park, cultural gardens and events square to complement the development.