GCH is a world class land planning and landscape architectural firm comprised of professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds in local, regional and international design fields. Our professional staff maintains over 125 years of collective experience working together to complete projects in over 30 countries. We are continually committed to the highest quality of work, focusing on seeing a client's project from the early planning studies, through design phases, and ultimately through the construction supervision process. The firm has an extensive portfolio working for both private and public clients in the land planning and landscape architectural roles. We offer client specific and site-specific planning and design solutions so that each project is distinctively characterized by its own unique set of challenges and attributes.

GCH emphasizes a comprehensive approach to all phases of planning and design, which identify near and long-range goals including the physical, environmental, social, cultural and economic elements necessary for successful development. Our work is committed to providing innovative, environmentally sensitive and sustainable design solutions that are both creative and feasible. Sites are studied in depth with thorough client and design team interaction to determine the most applicable and enduring design solutions for the client's goals and capabilities. Our extensive local and worldwide experience in on-site review during construction ensures that design principles are carried through into the final built environment. Throughout all aspects of the professional services that we offer, our accomplishments are ultimately measured by the success of the completed projects and the clients we work for.

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