Location: Pierce County, Washington

Scope: Master planning

Size:  4,000 acres

Program:  Public parks, interconnected trail system through preserved wooded corridors, employment center, schools, single & multi-family residences, commercial/civic cores, wetland preservation and road network

Description: GCH provided overall regional planning for the community of Tehaleh in Pierce County, Washington. This comprehensive planning process involved integration of all aspects for a new community from the ground up, including 9,000 residential units, business parks, schools, neighborhood retail and civic centers, parks and trail systems, transportation, roads, etc. The site's natural characteristics such as topography, preserved open space corridors, Rainier views, drainage, and wetlands were woven into the fabric of the infrastructure, roads, and development parcels. Small residential neighborhoods have been set within existing stands of trees and natural open space corridors to create a sense of scale and connection to the environment.  Civic and retail cores are sited to create walkable destinations as well as anchor neighborhoods within the overall Tehaleh community.  Long range site sustainability has been a key component in the planning strategies from stormwater management, ground water protection, preservation of wildlife corridors, to diversity in community resident demographics. Tehaleh development is well underway with the completion of the first community center/retail, school, trails, parks, and several residential neighborhoods.