Soul Luxury Resort Community

Location: North Coast, Egypt

Scope: Innovation strategy, design narrative, development opportunities, site analysis, land use planning, long-range planning

Size: 680 acres

Program: Stand-alone villas, townhomes, chalets, apartments,  circulation systems, hotels, cabanas, commercial areas, sports fields, open spaces, green cooridors

Description: GCH has been working on Egypt’s idyllic North Coast of the Mediterranean Sea providing master planning for the extraordinary,  “Soul” destination. Working alongside the Emaar Misr/Eagle Hills team, the group has envisioned a destination of unsurpassed elegance, innovation and sustainability throughout the region. The EcoLuxe destination includes more than 20 kilometers of water frontage and 1.5 kilometers of sandy coastline. A never seen before, elevated “infinity beach” in the property’s interior doubles the project’s sandy beach experience and provides stunning views up and down the coastline of this already sought after destination.

Renderings provided by Emaar Misr/Eagle Hills, learn more about the Soul Luxury Resort Community on their website.