Longping Masterplan

Location: Hunan Province, People's Republic of China

Scope: Master Planning, Landscape Design

Size: 435 hectares

Program: Golf courses, hotels, clubhouses, schools, civic buildings, residential units, commercial, recreation, open space

Description:  The Hunan Urban and Golf Development is a long range mixed use master plan.  At build-out there will be a total of over 9,000 residential units, hotels, golf and residents’ clubhouses, 2 Gary Player golf courses, schools, civic buildings, 80,000 square meters of commercial use, as well as recreation and integrated open space.  The site consists of natural agricultural lowlands, streams and water bodies blended with upland forests.  These indigenous features have been preserved, where possible, to integrate within the fabric of the development as natural open spaces, trails systems, and amenities of the community.  The project is a successful example of blending high quality recreation and resort development with mixed use urban density.