Hefei Forest Park

Location: Hefei, People's Republic of China

Scope: Master planning, visioning, feasibility

Size: 812 hectares/2000 acres

Program: Entertainment/commercial, recreation/sports, resort/hospitality, golf, residential, civic

Description: Hefei Forest Park is a 2000 acre regional tourism destination.  The long range master plan included preservation and integration of existing agricultural lands and a wetland/stream network that ran through the site.  The central core area is the focal point of circulation and activity featuring retail/entertainment, commercial, and civic/cultural amenities along with a major park and open space system.  Feature lakes were also added, offering recreation, fishing and public connection to the water while also acting as stormwater retention and purification.  There is a series of bike and walking trails that connect an outdoor museum, art museum and retreat, equestrian center, spa, arboretum, agricultural display and market, and outdoor amphitheater.