City Heights

Location: Cle Elum, Washington

Scope: Master planning

Size:  358 acres

Program:  Public parks, single & multi-family residences, retail, commercial space, trails, wetland & stream preservation

Description:  The 358 acre City Heights project is located on the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State and is proposed for annexation into the city.  This long-range master planning project sits within the City of Cle Elum north Urban Growth Area.  A mix of single & multi-famly residential products which total 985 units are proposed, as well as a series of public parks and amenity areas.  Two neighborhood commercial spaces are proposed with 20,000 sq ft of floor space.  A series of trail systems have been developed to allow for pedestrian corridors throughout the site.  An emphasis is placed on preserving the mature conifer trees within open space zones, maintaining all steep critical slopes onsite, and preserving natural streams and wetlands.