Beishan Town Master Plan

Location: Lishui, People's Republic of China

Scope: Master planning

Size: 85 hectares

Program: Arrival center, shopping streets, restaurants, entertainment, commercial, residential, hotels, outdoor plazas, parks, gardens, water features, multi-use trail system, and other recreational amenities

Description: The vision for the Beishan waterfront development is the creation of a premier destination lakefront resort community that complements the existing beauty of the lake and mountain landscape.  Within this development, parks and open space amenities will provide a tourism destination for the resort while creating a natural amenity for the resdiential and hotel developments within the property.  The mixed-use village area provides an arrival center, commercial, entertainment, shopping streets, restaurants, and other amenities.  The commercial core is the central icon for the development and complements the architectural style of the hotels, clubhouse, and residential areas to strengtehn the