Taizhou Mixed-Use

Location: Taizhou, People's Republic of China

Scope: Landscape architecture

Size: 24 acres

Program: Pedestrian promenade design, signature water feature, trellis and seating coves, animated fountains, bike parking, green roof structure design

Description: Along with MulvannyG2 architects, GCH developed a design concept for CRL Taizhou Mixed-Use that weaves together elegance and bold simplicity to create harmonious spaces.  With its prime location and clientele, CRL Taizhou Mixed-Use will set a new standard for contemporary commercial development in Taizhou.  From the main entry features to the specialty paving patterns, the landscape intertwines green spaces with bold geometries.  Outdoor rooms have been created for public events, outdoor dining, informal gathering and public art displays.  The incorporation of sustainable water treatment infrastructure adds opportunities for education and innovation as the system captures and treats water from the site. Modern materials and methods add a fresh dimension to the bold forms.  Through use of playful green spaces, refined water feature elements and fine stonework, CRL Taizhou Mixed-Use promises to be the finest contemporary commercial development in the area.