Roosevelt Streetscape

Location: Seattle, Washington

Scope: Conceptual Streetscape Design

Size: Approx. 13 linear city blocks

Program: Streetscape design including travel lanes, parking, landscape design, bike circulation, urban pedestrian experience, GSI opportunities, etc.

Description: Due to the recent adoption of revised residential zoning boundaries and increased density within the Roosevelt neighborhood, along with the future construction of a lightrail station in the heart of the community, GCH was asked to prepare conceptual streetscape designs that assist future community transformation and accomodate vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian circulation.

Recognizing the differing roles of streets within the Roosevelt neighborhood, this planning project outlines the individual goals for each street in the scope of the project, including NE 65th St, NE 66th St, Brooklyn Ave NE and 14th Ave NE.  NE 65th St is a major commercial center and site of a future light rail station entry point.  For this reason, efficient vehicular & bus circulation is a primary focus in the planning of this street.  Running just south of Roosevelt High School, NE 66th St is soon to be a neighborhood hub.  The future lightrail station will be located at the corner of NE 66th and 12th Ave NE, changing the way people access the neighborhood itself, and increasing the use of this street corridor.  Brooklyn Ave NE is a North-South residential corridor to the West of Cowen Park and intersecting with Roosevelt High School.  As a long term goal, the community has expressed an interest in developing sustainable storm water solutions along Brooklyn Avenue from 66th Street to Cowen Park with the desire to reference the historic drainage pattern to Ravenna Creek.  14th Ave NE lies just south of Roosevelt High School.  Planned as a short stretch of mixed-use within a primarily residential area, this street can offer the community a unique character not found on the busier roads.