Juanita Bay

Location: Kirkland, Washington

Scope: Site planning and landscape architecture

Size: 0.6 acres

Description: GCH's role was to assist with the site plan and landscape architectural design of the Juanita Bay Pump Station. One of the primary goals of the landscape plan was to integrate the project site into the existing neighborhood. The plan consists of two distinct areas - the public and highly visible corner that serves as a primary connection to the adjacent Juanita Bay Park, and the remaining perimeter areas. The design evolves as a response to the functions on the site reflected through design elements such as the circular patterns in the paving. These elements echo the underground activities of the pump station. Rainwater harvesting is also integrated with the building structure to create seasonal water features.  GCH assisted in the LEED process by creating a design that features canopy trees to provide shade, native plants, minimal irrigation and high-albedo paving materials to maximize potential LEED points.

Press: Daily Journal of Commerce January 2009 'King County Opens New Juanita Bay Pump Station'